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Bar Chairs & Stools

Adding a bar chair or stool to your kitchen, dining area or games room can be a great way to complete the look of your room. If you’re looking to add a modern twist to a room or wanting to complete an old fashioned, saloon theme then adding a bar chair to the room of your choice is a great way to do this! It can also add a little fun to the room as well.

Increasingly popular in homes are islands within a kitchen or dining area, this means bar chairs or stools are also becoming hugely popular as these compliment an this space incredibly well. Selecting the ones that will fit in well with your home décor isn’t an easy task though and many things have to be taken into consideration.

Obviously the theme and style of your room is a big consideration, a modern and futuristic looking room of largely black and white colouring would have no place for an old school, wooden saloon stool however, an old style games room with a pool table would be the perfect fit for such an item and be a great seat while having a beer with friends.

Inspired at Home have worked hard to bring to you some incredibly varied bar chairs and stools that mean almost any décor can be complimented. The New Foundry Bar Stool is a great example of this with its contemporary design and modern look and design making it the perfect addition to your dining area and a great seat while having breakfast.

The Brown Leather New Foundry Bar Stool on the other hand offers a little more sophistication and warmth, and would look perfect in a games room environment around an old wood top table.

With many styles and themes available, Inspired at Home can cater for almost any décor and provide your home or bar with style and comfort.

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