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SMART Tunnel Toaster



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The SMART Tunnel Toaster is a fantastic new way to toast your bread, croissants, paninis and anything else you may need to toast. The clever design features a sliding bread tray which is completely removable from the heating unit. The heating unit comes in the form of a dome shape tunnel while the tray is designed to be removable and catch any crumbs, making cleaning the machine simple and effortless!

Provided with a unique clamp to cater for all all kinds of bread, it also features a very versatile temperature control with 7 adjustable temperature settings; reheat, defrost and cancel functions meaning it couldn't be more simple to get the perfect bake!

This wonderful machine solves all the problems of the toaster as we know it with it’s slick, slim design and would be a great addition to any kitchen.

Product Code: STT7000
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