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LSA International

LSA International have created the highest quality, contemporary collections for table, bar and decoration. Their materials are carefully selected to ensure our signature, high quality finish, and complex artisan techniques are translated into distinctive products.

LSA lead the way in the finest glassware products the UK has to offer. With over fifty years of experience behind them, LSA have provided us with a range of stunning products from beautifully crafted vases to stunning decanter and glass sets for the tipple of your choice.

They began by creating products from clay and brightly coloured enamelware, this led to them expanding out to leather bags, satchels and wooden accessories but it was venturing into mouth-blown glassware products where LSA really began to make their name. Their unique experimentation on shape, size and colour meant the versatility and range of products they could offer had no bounds.

Ranges began to venture into uncharted territory, jugs of all delightful shapes and mysterious styles were fashioned and five decades later still remain popular today amongst the fashion-conscious society we live in.

LSA now work every day with skilled artisans who experiment and trial new designs and products meaning a seemingly endless supply of modern, contemporary or unique glassware items are hitting the shelves and are getting more and more popular as time goes by.

Vases are a huge part of the range, but the recent trend into beverages such as whisky, prosecco and gin mean a whole new era of glassware products have become incredibly popular. Stunningly delicate prosecco glasses or stylish yet sophisticated whisky tumblers, LSA offer the complete package and have a product to please all.

A family driven business who still use themes and designs inspired over fifty years ago to continue the legacy, LSA International are recognised in the UK and indeed across the world as providers of some of the finest glassware products on the market today.

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