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Roger Lascelles Wall Clocks

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For over 25 years, Roger Lascelles' London based, family run business has been designing and making clocks that people take a real pleasure in owning.

Their design team captures the essence of past periods like Art Deco, 50's Retro and Victorian Classics to give their clocks their authentic feel. It's this attention to style and detail that people genuinely appreciate about these clocks and sets them apart from others.

As the UK's largest clock manufacturer (over 70% of our collection is produced here in the UK, in their London studios) they are proud to be employing home grown skills and designs to create products that remain so sought after, not only in the UK, but throughout the world.

Roger Lascelles have been bringing us clocks of the highest quality. The devil I sin the detail with these beautifully hand crafted clocks and over the years, Roger Lascelles have lead the way in innovative and creative designs to keep up with modern trends whilst also not forgetting about their fantastic history for those who seek a more traditional addition to their home.

Based out of factory in North-West London, the company’s routes trace back to antique dealings and sending popular UK clocks over to the United States of America whilst also producing photos of stunningly detailed clocks to sell in the UK.

From wall clocks with an incredible level of detail that would fit into the most traditional of decors stretching to the modern looking clocks that have a futuristic feel, Roger Lascelles cater for everyone and work hard to stay ahead of the game and come up with new designs in the ever changing world of fashion and trends.

A wide range of clocks have been created down the years; alarm clocks, kitchen clocks, outdoor clocks, mantle clocks, old fashioned station clocks, uniquely designed Smiths clocks and even your own personalised clocks have been catered for.

All artistic designs have been created by the imagination of the team at Roger Lascelles and the majority of hand dials have been individually aged and stained to compliment the clock perfectly meaning you’re sure to get a high quality and highly creative product.

With hundreds of differently designed clocks available, the large majority of which are created right here in the UK, Roger Lascelles really is a pioneer for high quality wall clocks that will not fail to disappoint and each add their own unique style and touch of class to your home.

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