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LSA International Grand Stem Vase


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At 41cm in height, this LSA International handmade grand Stem Vase will keep your home looking beautiful all year round. Designed to hold the tallest stems without confining the flower heads, the vase also comes gift-boxed meaning it will make a great gift for a friend or family member. Large-scale blooms always look beautiful so you're sure to be pleased with the Grand Stem Vase whichever room you decide to pace it in!

LSA International

Uniquely styled products, original designs and unbeatable quality secured LSA's position as one of Europe's top contemporary brands of handmade glass and porcelain. Produced utilising handmade techniques of a specialised nature, every one of LSA International's products is created with an incredible attention to detail to ensure the highest of quality.

Product Code: FW10

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